Design Careers Expanded | Symposium

    photo by Sameer Rayyan

    A Symposium at the UVa School of Architecture

    March 18 - 19, 2011

    A Symposium exploring alternatives to traditional design practice.


    With an emphasis on specialized skills such as drafting, modeling, and 3D visualization, the number of possible career paths from an architecture or landscape architecture degree can seem very limited. When examined more closely, the skills developed in our the UVa design programs are both broad and highly valuable in a wide range of design. This symposium presents the academic and professional paths of 11 UVa SoA alumni who have developed diverse and meaningful careers based on their architectural education. We hope the presentation will expand the notion of what it means to be an architect.

    Our Keynote Speaker on Friday will be Katie Swenson, Vice President of National Design Initiatives Enterprise Community Partners, Inc. This is the organization that awards the prestigious Enterprise Rose Architectural Fellowship.

    For the Panelists' Biographies, click here.

    Sponsored by:
    The University of Virginia School of Architecture Office of the Dean
    The Department of Architecture

    Organized by:
    Craig Barton, Chair of the Department of Architecture
    Lauren Begen, M. Arch '13
    Sophia Lee, M. Arch '11

    School of Architecture Design Thinking Initiative.

    Technical and Logistical Support:

    Lana Elam, Jerrod Travlee, Michal Pramik, Luke Gates + Emily Ashby

    Special Thanks to Dean Kim Tanzer