The Center for Design and Health wiki offers an integration of design and health research ranging from the regional to the building scales. It is your source for a cross cutting perspective on actual causes of death as they relate to the built environment with a focus on aesthetic and urban form dimensions impacting health outcomes. This wiki was launched by the Center for Design and Health in 2011 in partnership with the National Academy of Environmental Design (NAED) and the University of Minnesota School of Architecture with contributions from the community reading, researching, teaching and applying lessons in the built environment. It is also a valuable resource for individuals and educators researching this field.

    Check out the publications based on Physical Activity, Food and Injury

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    Nisha Botchwey- Associate Professor, University of Virginia
    Kayla Johnson- IT Intern, University of Virginia
    Rachel Falkenstein-Research Associate, University of Virginia
    Tom Fisher- Dean, University of Minnesota College of Design
    Matthew Trowbridge- Assistant Professor, University of Virginia
    Joel Schnaper Memorial Garden, Terence Cardinal Cooke Health Care Center, New York, N.Y.
    Design by David Kamp, Dirtworks P.C
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    Life Enrichment Center, Kings Mt., NC
    Design by David Kamp. Dirtworks P.C.
    © Bruce Buck

    City Farm
    Chicago City Farm picture taken by Timothy Beatley

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